Fotograe is my brainchild. I am Graeme Ottley. The play on the words stems from the spelling of my name and what I want to accomplish.

Essentially a wedding photographer, I take my inspiration from many sources, some of which are local photographers. My cousin Gary, is a big inspiration. David Wears, James O'Connor and Abigail Hadeed, have also encouraged me through their work to improve my art.

My other inspirations have to be David Jay, Jefferson Todd, Dennis Reggie, Mike Colon, Carlos Baez, & Sara France among others. Every day I learn something from watching their work.

Along with my team of very talented photographers, we at Fotograe can ensure that your day is well documented with imagery which would wow you and your family. Along with presentations which thus far, Trinidad has not seen, we feel that we are the right choice for your wedding photography needs.

Based in Trinidad and Tobago, Fotograe available to shoot anywhere that we can fly to. If you do love the work, shoot out an email anyway and let's see what we can work out.